There are so many special moments in a baby’s early life you’ll never lack for excuses to lavish that special newborn with gifts. Luckily there is a baby gift basket for almost any new baby occasion including baby showers, first night home and birthdays. Baby gift baskets are great gift ideas because the cute and decorative baskets are brimming with terrific baby accessories including clothing, diaper cakes, burp cloths, toys and blankets.

Can’t decide on any one gift? A gift basket has plenty to choose from so mommy, daddy and baby are all included in the fun.

Naturally a baby shower will be the first special occasion to celebrate. Sure the baby hasn’t arrived yet but it’s a great time to get mom and dad stocked up on all the necessities they’ll need to make the first few days easier. Baby gift baskets designed for baby showers include many practical baby gifts including diaper cakes and burp cloths that will be put to use right away.

Baby shower baby gift baskets can also include soft cotton baby blankets and bath robes for cozying up with your bundle of joy after baths and during naps. Deluxe baby gift baskets may also have hand and foot print tins for you to capture baby’s cute little feet and hands in molding.

When the baby makes his memorable first appearance another chance has come to offer a baby gift basket in a sign of celebration. This is a good time to look for baby gift baskets that include gifts and accessories that will soothe the transition period. Many gift baskets feature soft and comfortable jumpers, baby socks and beanie hats to keep a newborn baby boy or girl warm in their new surroundings. Other practical gift ideas include soft and cuddly teddy bears and clutch toys for newborns to latch onto when they begin to use their hands. Fun for the baby these plush and cute toys also give mommy and daddy a chance to free their hands up to reach for bottles, fresh diapers and baby wash cloths.

When baby comes home for the first time you’ve got another occasion to celebrate. If you missed the shower or were out of town for the birth now is a great chance to make up for the no-shows by offering a designer baby gift basket with unique and practical gift ideas including plush stuffed animals, finger puppet activity books and picture frames for mommy and daddy to display their favorite newborn moments. Of course these gift baskets will also include diapers (no such thing as too many diapers), baby blankets, print tins and other necessities in getting through the first few months.